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How do other's experience Neurofeedback?

Watch Tanya's video above on how she experienced the Neurofeedback training process and how she feels it has helped her heal from complex trauma within 6 months of training at Better Brain in 2019. Part 1 (on left) and Part 2 (on right) for the full story.


What does other client's say about trying Neurofeedback?

"Trix was very friendly, empathetic and keen to get a full picture of why I was struggling before she commenced any sort of therapy. The whole atmosphere of the sessions were really relaxed. Her price per session was also really reasonable compared to other neurofeedback psychologists out there. Definitely would recommend Trix if you were considering neurofeedback/therapy for any issue you were struggling with."

- Anxiety free client, 27 Feb 2019.


"We are grateful for what you have done for our son and the knock on effect for our family!"

-Mother of Anxiety free child, 30 April 2019




One morning in March, 2017, I stepped out of my bed and immediately collapsed  and experienced a number of strange unwanted thoughts coursing through my head. I conferred with two G.P’s who agreed that I had experienced a Panic Attack, the first ever in my life. After a twenty-four hour deliberation two G.P’s decided I should be prescribed “ATIVAN”, the dosage being 2mgs. twice per day. I found that this was not providing any relief from the violent thoughts I was experiencing , so I referred to Google and found that the maximum dosage permitted is 6 mgs. twice  per day. My G.P prescribed 5 mgs, twice.per day.

After several weeks I was back to near normal and was able to take a flight to Hawaii where I spent 10 days with my wife that included a Cruise around the Islands. We flew then to Osaka in Japan and enjoyed another seven day break that included a reunion over two days with a Japanese family.

During the remainder of 2017 and most of 2018 I led a fairly normal life as long as I was taking the Ativan  @ $47.95  per 50 tablets. Despite the general advice that these tablets should be taken over a short term since they can become addictive, my G.P stated that I could need to take them for the rest of my life. At the latter end of 2018 a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that I had experienced at the ages of 34 and 60 troubled me once more. This one is one of the 10,000 thoughts we experience every day but can become stuck in the brain creating significant anxiety. It was that I would injure someone and, of course, the nearest and dearest to me became the targets in my mind.

I conferred with my G.P on several occasions and he referred me to a psychologist initially, who took three sessions to even get my name  and address recorded. Then to two psychiatrists, the first who wanted to convert the ATIVAN dosage to an equivalent dosage of VALIUM and the second who admitted he knew nothing about O.C.D but would do some research and set another date for an appointment. The second appointment yielded a wad of downloaded notes for me to take away and read.


As my violent thoughts increased in intensity and frequency I went back to my G.P.  I asked if there was anyone in Wollongong who could help me. He opened up Google and found the name of Trix Harvey , a Neurofeedback Counsellor with a practice in Sutherland , who might be able to help. In desperation I decided to make an appointment

Trix went to great lengths to explain the types of conditions in people that she worked with. These included ADHD; PTSD; Learning disabilities ; anxiety, head injuries. She said that pharmacological treatment produces only very modest improvement and behavioural therapy sees many dropouts. Neurofeedback appears to have the potential as a new treatment modality. She pointed out that tests in Iran showed that Neurofeedback can decrease compulsive symptoms and obsessive symptoms. Neurofeedback assists the brain’s self -regulation. Trix indicated that if I was to participate in the programme she offered it would require approximately twenty , one hour session at a cost of $135 per session. I agreed to proceed.

Trix subjected me to a visual test on a computer  that showed that ,of the four major Brain Waves I had an excess of Alpha Brain waves and the computer based  exercises that she had me complete consisted initially og games where I would be allocated , for instance, a dog in a race involving five animals and the objective was to have me concentrate on the dog to the point where it would win the race.. Over three or four sessions this activity was repeated using different animals and objects. Each time I participated an indicator in the corner of the screen showed the percentage of Alpha activity involved and it was always generally above the norm.

After successfully mastering most of these “races” Trix introduced me to “ANT THERAPY which teaches us how to develop our own Internal Anteater to Eradicate Automatic Negative Thoughts. (ANTs) This treatment involved counselling on how to use the activity and homework where I had to record DATE; Obsession ; OCD’s Lie that made the thought scary; The Ritual I performed to reduce anxiety; Frequency. Trix then provided me with techniques to help kill these ANTs. This involved more homework

I was the shown a series of Video Extracts of some of the anxiety and fear exploits of Todd Sampson. Some of these I found strengthened my resolve to overcome my affliction and to make some changes in my life that would support this.

At the completion of the 20 week programme I decided to try life on my own without a crutch and, after two weeks feel I have conquered the issue that was creating anxiety. I can now consume a glass of beer a day after a three year drought, enjoy the presence and the love of my family and back to full participation in the sporting and cultural  activities I have been involved in for many years.

At all times I found Trix very friendly, a willing listener, a practitioner on top of her subject and  constantly offering encouragement void of any criticism"




 27th September , 2019


"I am a survivor of severe childhood abuse.  In my 30’s I found a good psychologist, whom I still see and we use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and EMDR.  Although I am a high functioning person I got to a point about 5yrs ago, when I was 50, where I felt extremely stuck in my PTSD, l felt I was going backwards.

It has now been about 5yrs since I did the Neurofeedback with Trix.

The Neurofeedback is still working and having a positive influence in my life.

During the treatment I started drawing, something I had always wished I could do. Turns out I could, I think my mind just needed to calm down so the drawing part of the brain could get through. A year or so later I also started to learn a musical instrument – acoustic drums. While I am not Ringo Starr I found I have a natural talent for it and our music school even put me into a small band and we have performed several times – in public !  Not bad for a woman in her 50’s.

Previously I would have episodes of extreme anxiety that usually lasted about 3 days, constant state of fear, difficulty eating and sleeping, then it burnt itself out. Now I may have about an hour or less of anxiety and then return to a normal level of functioning. Before I would “loose it” over little things when something went wrong – now more often than not my response is calmer and more realistic to the situation. I live far less in a space of negativity, fear, over alertness and irrational thoughts.

My psychologist has told me that current research is showing the most effective treatments for trauma survivors is EMDR and Neurofeedback.

I am glad I undertook Neurofeedback and most certainly appreciative that I did so with Trix. Trix has a caring and professional manner and a genuine interest in her client’s wellbeing.

Whilst Neurofeedback has not cured my PTSD, I do have a far better life and am better able to manage those times when aspects of my PTSD raises its head. I had nothing to loose and everything to gain."

- Lyn, Oct 2019


"After many years of dealing with our grand daughter, 11 year old diagnosed with ADHD and Attachment disorder, we have found a remarkable change as a direct result of the treatment by Trix Harvey and Neurofeedback. Her most recent school report has been a huge turn around and improvement. Her attitude and behaviour have improved greatly. In our granddaughter's words: "It has opened up my wold to see things differently, Trix has a funny accent and is a nice person". As grandparents to a 11 year old who is in our care at present, we are extremely happy with the changes implemented by Trix Harvey and Neurofeedback"

- Grandparents, Sutherland Shire, July 2014.


"Dear Trix 
Words can not describe the transformation with Luka's behaviour since starting Neurofeedback . After just two treatments there was a noticeable change. Life became calmer, happier & more harmonious. Everything else that we had ever tried has not been as effective as Neurofeedback  We thank you & are forever indebted, to you"
- Kath Fotak, April 2014



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