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How to get your ADHD child out of bed

How to Get Your ADD Child Out of Bed
  “Just a few more minutes.” ….. “I’m too tired to get up.” ….. “I’ll get up in a little bit.”Sound familiar? If you are tired of nagging your child (or spouse) to get out of bed every morning, this blog is for you! Many parents who come to the Amen Clinics complain that they must return to their ADD child or teenager’s bedroom 4, 5, 6, even 10 times before they actually get out of bed!Some parents yell, threaten, or use of force to get a child moving in the morning. Starting the day off with getting yelled at or feeling angry is unhealthy for everyone involved. This type of hostility is sure to start the day off on the wrong foot, which can lead to many other problems for both child and parent. In our experience, ADD people say that when they get up on their own, they tend to do better than if someone is screaming at them… imagine that!
To reduce some of this all-too-common frustration, try out these suggestions from Dr. Amen:
1.  Find an alarm clock that plays the kind of music that gets them going!
  •  Try different forms of music to see what works best – some people like fast rock music to wake them up, others like rap, and some even like country.
2.  Keep the alarm clock (or clocks) across the room so that the person has to get out of bed to turn it off.
  • Don’t have the kind of alarm that turns itself off after 30 seconds. Have one that keeps going, and going, and going…
3.  Have them take their medicine 30 minutes before its time to get out of bed.

11 Comments to How to get your ADHD child out of bed:

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The above advice can be to a great degree supportive not simply in helping your ADHD kid nod off, yet additionally in helping them take a healthier way of life. Eating health bites, investing less energy gazing at screens, and following an organized timetable are all useful for long-haul health.
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