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ADHD in older adults affects lifelong wellbeing

ADHD in Older Adults Affects Lifelong Wellbeing
A growing body of evidence suggests that symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) persist into adulthood and are associated with a lower quality of life and greater health issues. Older adults who were not diagnosed until late mid-life suffered from the accumulative negative impact of ADHD symptoms/impairments on their professional, economic, social, and emotional well-being.
All the more reason to treat ADHD, not just in children but also in adults.In a recent study of older adults diagnosed with ADHD (mean age was 66 years old, with the diagnosis given at an average age of 57 years old), it was found that the majority of participants (63 percent) experienced “an accumulated lifetime burden of illness and reported being financially less-well-off; had lower educational achievement, job performance and greater social isolation due to their ADHD.”
ADHD symptoms were reported in the following areas:
Inattention (71 percent)
Hyperactivity (54 percent)
Disorganization (54 percent)
Older adults with ADHD also had more problems with productivity and life outlook than young ADHD adults.
This study confirms and adds to the importance of diagnosing and helping those with ADHD to get their brains balanced at any age. “When your brain works right, you work right,” is the foundation of all we do. For higher quality of life, it is imperative that those with ADHD get good quality help, whether that person is six or sixty!
At the Amen Clinics we have a variety of resources on our online store ( to help the many kinds of ADD and ADHD including my books such as Healing ADD: The Breakthrough Program That Allows You to See and Heal the 6 Types of ADD, and targeted supplements to help get the brain working right so you and your life can work right!
Discount code: ECENTER98
Source: The Brod Group, 219 Julia Avenue, Mill Valley, CA, 94941, USA,

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This study confirms and adds to the importance of diagnosing and helping those with ADHD to get their brains balanced at any age.When your brain works right, you work right,” is the foundation of all we do. For higher quality of life.
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