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Stress, anxiety and neurofeedback
Neurofeedback Helps Alleviate the Underlying Causes of Depression
The efficacy of neurofeedback therapy
How Marijuana effects the brain
Cognitive brain training


ADHD comedy
Anxiety and Depression
Autism and Neurofeedback
Brain chemicals
Brain scans
Challenging behaviours
Cognitive training
Control your brain, control your weight
How does neurofeedback work
Improve your life
Neurofeedback and PTSD
Neurotherapy and ADHD
Neurotherapy and Autism
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Neurotherapy and sleep
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Stress, anxiety and neurofeedback,%20anxiety,%20and%20brainwave%20dysregulation/

Neurofeedback Helps Alleviate the Underlying Causes of Depression

The efficacy of neurofeedback therapy

How Marijuana effects the brain

Study Sheds Light on Damaging Effects of Marijuana among College-Aged Adults
August 13, 2014, at 2:13 PM  |  By Rachel Daly  | 
As support for legalized recreational marijuana use increases, some have warned that there is presently little research indicating the effects of low to moderate use of the drug. However, the results of a small but sobering study released in April by several Boston-based researchers have shed light on the damaging effects of even casual use of the drug among young adults, according to the 

Cognitive brain training

Games are not just for playing!
People who play video games that are especially designed to improve processing speed and ability may delay age-related cognitive decline by as much as seven years. According to a new study conducted by University of Iowa researchers, challenging your brain with special brain games for as little as two hours a week can have a significant impact on the brain’s aging process.
The study was conducted using 681 healthy individuals, aged 50 and older, who played 10 hours of a special video game.

A new hope for suicide

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How to remember names

Neurofeedback at STARTTS for torture survivors - Australian Weekend Magazine

Read this amazing article on how Neurofeedback at STARTTS has help trauma survivors, published July 2014 in The Australian Weekend Magazine.

Cognitive training on Sixty Minutes, Channel 9

Sixty minutes on Channel 9 recently explained how Cognitive Training can help you. Watch the episode here and ring Better brain to make a difference in your life.

How Yoga changes the brain

Read the article on how Yoga changes your brain (in a GOOD way) ! MRI studies find yoga improves and create more activities in certain parts of the brain.
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