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"Dear Trix
Words can not describe the transformation with Luka's behaviour since starting Neurofeedback . After just two treatments there was a noticeable change. Life became calmer, happier & more harmonious. Everything else that we had ever tried has not been as effective as Neurofeedback  We thank you & are forever indebted, to you"
- Kath Fotak
April 2014 

Seeing is believing! QEEG showing excessive alpha in prefrontal cortex in red. Second QEEG scan after 40 sessions in Asperger's child reveals a massive reduction of the alpha waves in the prefrontal cortex.
Testimonials from people who have used Neurotherapy with Captain Log's brain training games - Brain Train Inc
"My son has a severe brain injury and has been using BrainTrain software for a few years now.  The BrainTrain computer programs have increased his attention span and short term memory greatly.  I would recommend this software to everyone that wants to improve their brain power, especially if you have a learning disability."
"Dear BrainTrain,
I've been using your "Mental Power Gym" in our Sparks of Genius Program for several years now and would like to share something with your readers.
This versatile combination of software programs increases learning achievements in our students, who typically range in age from 6-16. Of course, as great as this "high-tech" software is, we all know the "high touch" part to helping these children is very important. But frankly, I don't know where these children would be without what I fondly call MPG. It fits perfectly into our Learning Coach model.
We measure success two ways: transfer of computerized cognitive training to the "real world" and sustainability of training. We find that MPG performance does indeed move from the computer to the real world of school, home, friends, athletic and creative accomplishments. And it lasts, at least it has lasted for a year or two since our students successfully completed training. Because our students also strengthen organizational skills, personal responsibility, and self-esteem, I believe in most cases their progress will continue to last for many, many years."Dr. Rohn Kessler, President
Thinking Pays, Inc., Boca Raton, FL

"My child first started seeing Dr. S about 2 years ago when he was first diagnosed with ADHD. We discontinued because he was doing well in the second grade. Then within three weeks of starting the third grade, his third grade teacher approached his second grade teacher and us, and asked why he was passed to the third grade, because there was no way he could pass it.
On his first 9-weeks report card, he made mostly Cs, Ds, and Fs, and in his parent teacher conference, the teacher said his behavior was unsatisfactory.
About this time, we started working with him on the BrainTrain software - Captain's Log, SoundSmart, and SmartDriver - every night for 30 minutes. On his second 9-weeks report card, he made almost all As and Bs, plus he won an award for excellent conduct. The teacher couldn't believe it!
When Dr. S first spoke with my wife and me about the software, I didn't feel that computer games would help my son in any way whatsoever. He already had a lot of video games at home. My wife insisted, so I agreed to give it a try.
I would recommend these programs for the educational needs of any child. The important thing is to be sure the child works every day consistently and to be there for him."

Roger, a parent
"My son, Robert, was originally diagnosed as mildly autistic by a developmental pediatrician at Children’s Hospital. When my son was 4 years old, Dr. Sandford developed a treatment program using SoundSmart, Captain’s Log and SmartDriver. He met with Robert weekly and I tried the techniques at home on a regular basis for about 6 months. Both my husband and I saw a dramatic improvement in behavior.
Deborah, a parent

Recently, my son’s school tested his IQ (he is 6 years old now) and his score was 98–Average! My son has been transformed. Working with these computer programs has given Robert better confidence and improved focus on his work. His teachers are very pleased with his progress, and he is now one of the best readers in his kindergarten class.

Although my son takes medication, the cognitive training exercises definitely improved his memory and this helped lead to his improvement with reading. Originally, the doctors stated that my son would require special living arrangements as an adult or would need to live with us forever. No one had any idea that cognitive training would help change Robert’s life so miraculously."
"I’ve been practicing BrainTrain’s Mental Power Gym for about six months now and have seen incredible improvements in my memory. I used to have a hard time remembering the conversations that I had earlier in the day, but now I can recall them weeks later. Also, my grades in school have improved by at least a full grade letter. "

“Socially Improved” (ADHD High School Student)
"I love helping others who have learning issues (ADHD and dyslexia) improve their performance. IVA+Plus, Captain's Log, SoundSmart, and SmartDriver help me and my clients. Here are some of the successes I have had:

"A high school student diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia used Captain’s Log through 4 years of high school. He maintained a 4.0 GPA, was a National Merit Scholarship finalist, and scored a 35 on his ACT!!

"A 49-year old law student diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia was failing law school. Braintrain’s software and Optiminds brain building programs helped her graduate from law school!
"An 11-year-old Downs Syndrome student, with the help of Braintrain’s software and Optiminds, is now able to sit and focus! When he first came he could not read; he is now reading phonetically at a second grade level!
"BrainTrain saves my life everyday!"
Jane H. Stewart, Ph.D.
Royal Oak, MI
"SoundSmart really helped my son who is now at the high end of the autism spectrum...SoundSmart directly addressed and strengthened many core cognitive skills including memory, following directions, multi-sensory processing and overall improved ability in processing spoken language. My son loved the bingo format and especially liked the funny distracting noises that played during some of the games -- which strengthened his ability to concentrate even when distracted. The pictures slowly revealing themselves behind the bingo pieces provided additional stimulation through closure (the brain having to fill in the missing pieces of the picture). He always liked winning the "virtual" money for each game he completed.

My son's auditory processing has greatly improved thanks to SoundSmart. Thank you for writing such a wonderful program."

Sue, Parent

"I'm a mother of a child with ADHD and Aspergers. I also teach to students with learning disabilities. Our school, Incredible Horizons, utilizes BrainTrain's software and we've had such great success developing cognitive skills in our students, not to mention my son!"

Roni Stockdale
Parent and Teacher
Melbourne, FL

"When I first brought my son to see Dr. Sandford , he was struggling with his school performance and he didn't like to go to school. He would often space out and get off task. He was fidgety, easily bored and frequently needed redirection. After using the Captain's Log program, my son has improved his grades and his ability to get his schoolwork done quickly. We worked at home with the Captain's Log program and my son really loved the programs. He no longer shows signs of hyperactivity. And, most important, he no longer battles me about getting his homework done. he is able to get his work done much quicker. Recently, my son told me he had a surprise for me - He made the Honor Roll! Overall, he is a much happier kid. I would highly recommend the Captain's Log software to other parents whose kids are struggling with academic performance and have ADHD."
A Proud Mother
"The EEG feedback software is by far the best I've seen and easiest to use. The nearly infinite combinations of training levels and types allows for applications from post stroke rehabilitation to facilitating peak performance in executives and athletes. Bravo, Dr. Sandford."
Gregory Nicosia, Ph.D.
President-elect, Assoc. of Comprehensive Energy Psych.
Pittsburg, PA
"The young man had been a community college student who was bright but did not have the concentration and focus to get the grades that he wanted to achieve. After finishing college, he had applied to medical school. His MCat scores were not adequate to enter medical school in the US. He applied to numerous medical school programs outside of the country and was admitted into a foreign medical school. In the middle of his first year of medical school, he came to us, as he was not getting passing grades, and the school was suggesting that maybe being a doctor wasn’t the best idea. We did an assessment and diagnosed him as ADHD combined type; he also had specific problems with auditory processing. We introduced him to the Captain’s Log and neurofeedback. He did neurofeedback and Captain’s Log for six sessions over a period of two weeks. Then he promised to use the Captain’s Log program on his own 30 minutes per day for 6 months. After 2 months, he reported back to us that he was now getting between 88 and 92 on his tests in medical school. His teachers didn’t think that it was really his work, and they didn’t believe that he could really change his performance in such a significant manner. We had to write a letter to the medical school to document the cognitive training. He finished his promised 6 months of Captain’s Log training, has continued to average between 88 and 94 on all of his medical school exams, and is very happy."

Michael Mark, Psy.D. 
Psychological Fitness Centers, Los Angeles, CA.
"My greatest joy has come from experiencing the success high school seniors with ADHD have shared with me. They worked with the Captain's Log diligently for 4-6 months before college. Out of 8 I have worked with, 7 have later informed me that they were able to attain a grade point average of B or better within their first year of college."
Dr. M. James Grosenbach
Lapeer, MI
"During the 2003-2004 school year, we had 30 students complete the Captain's Log Cognitive Training program...23 of them showed a decline of at least 1/2 standard deviation on the attention problems scale of the Conners' Rating Scale...The academic performance of these students has shown evidence of improvement as well. We have found that the Captain's Log program is easy to implement in our schools and that most students enjoy participating in the program."

Kathryn A. Gewont, Ed.S., School Psychologist
Lake Region Special Education, Devils Lake, ND
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