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What type of Depression/Anxiety do you have?
Recent brain science has clearly revealed that anxiety and depression are in large part the resulf of brain dysfunction. They commonly occur together and there are specific types of these illnesses and there are a number of effective treatments that are specific to each type. Knowing your type is step 1 on the road to recovery!
Download the Amen Anxiety and Depression Type Questionnaire here.
Fill it in and send it back to Better Brain for your screening report specifying your type of depression or anxiety for only AU$20. The algorhytm is designed by Dr Amen as a quick reference guide and summary to the diagnostic and treatment principles for the 7 subtypes of anxiety and depression calssified by the Amen Clinics, Inc. View sample report here.
Note: Self report questionnaires have advantages and limitations, they are quick and easy to score, but can be bias. Ask a friend to score you as well to see how you compare. Qustionnaires of any sort should never be used alone as an assessment tool. They are not meant to provide a diagnosis but are simply catalysts to initiate the process of seeking treatmet.

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