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The Dr Amen method

Better Brain is an Amen Affiliated Education Center (AAEC)
The Amen Affiliated Education Center is a comprehensive, coordinated program that focuses on the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of our patients.  As an AAEC member, we are fully accredited and trained on the Amen Clinics methods and practices at helping patients have better brains and lead better lives.  Dr. Daniel Amen and Amen Clinics are world leaders in neuropsychiatry.
As part of the Amen Affiliated Education Center, we are able to use the resources of Amen Clinics to educate, assess, and motivate our patients struggling with brain-based difficulties. In working together, with the Amen Clinics, we can help patients struggling with brain-based difficulties such as anxiety, depression, memory problems, learning struggles, weight issues addiction add and cravings. By partnering with the Amen Clinics we are able to provide top level care for our patients who want to enjoy optimal brain functioning.

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Better Brain as an Amen Affiliated Education Center
1. Take the The Amen Solution Master Questionnaire
How can you tell about your brain without doing a scan? For many years Dr. Amen has been aware that most people will not be able to get their brains scanned, either because they are not near one of his clinics or because of the cost. Based on over 63,000 brain scans, Dr. Amen developed a wonderful questionnaire to help people know about how their own brain functions. Because not everyone is insightful into their own behavior, he also encourages people who care about you to fill it out on you as well.
The questionnaire will only take about 20 minutes to complete and will help you understand the health of your brain and the brain type you may have. There is also a “Bad Brain Habit Quiz” to help you know about how your day to day behavior affects the health of your brain. Plus, there is a series of questions that evaluate 5 different brain systems, like Dr. Amen talked about in the show, and depending on how you score,  suggestions will be made on how to balance your specific brain.
Of course, you should talk with your doctor, but this questionnaire will give you a great start to understanding your brain and specific ideas on what you need to do to make it healthy.
2. Specialised Questionnaires and Treatment Algorithms available

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