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Better Brain uses a multi model approach in helping you to understand your brain, support problem areas in your life and find drug free alternatives for a better you.
We treat ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Sleeping problems, Focus and attention, Peak performance and anyone who wants their brain to function better.
Your brain controls everything you do. If you have problems in your brain you will experience problems in your life. This can range from psychological disorders or relationship problems to being constantly tired and overstressed. Change your brain and change your life!
Find a drug free solution!
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Neurofeedback: Training your brain without using medication
The technique is called Neurofeedback which experts say can be used to treat a number of common attention and learning disabilities like attention deficit disorder, ADHD, autism, anxiety, migraines an...
Your brain can do more than you think. Neurofeedback can help!
Read how Neurofeedback helped India won their first Olympic Gold Medal.
Have a look at other people's Neurofeedback success stories for a whole range of issues on our blog and read our testimonials page to see what others had to say who has used the Brain Train System.
Not convinced? Click on the research page for a range of research articles that has proven that neurofeedback can be the answer or read one of the many books available on the subject.
American Academic of Pediatrics now recommend EEG biofeedback (our treatment) as much as medication.
Click here for details  More importantly they have given it a "Level 1 - Best support" for ADHD in their latest intervention report - 2013. 
NASA uses Neurofeedback to train alertness. Read the article here.
Read Dr. Amen's 7 ways to optimize your brain and your life article here, and his 8 warning signs that your brain is in trouble here.

Read the last newsletter of the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia (ANSA) here.

Better Brain uses Neurofeedback to 'train' your brain and normalise EEG patterns by using a comprehensive system that promotes change at the cellular level of the brain and empowers the client to use his or her mind as a tool of healing.
"If any medication has demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficiency it would be universally accepted and widely used... It is a field to be taken seriously by all" - Frank Duffy, Professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School.
We use Dr Amen's questionnaires and other assessments to assess why you are experiencing problems that complicate your life, whether your symptoms is related to ADHD, anxiety, lack of sleep, learning disabilities or depression. Turns out it's not you, but your brain causing these issues. Good news is, you can change your brain patterns with neurofeedback and cognitive brain training.
We also use brain maps  (QEEG's) to see which part of your brain is working well, and which part is not.  
We also incorporate Cognitive Brain Training games, like the ones used by Barbara Arrowsmith_Young, author of " The woman who changed her brain" and who owns a chapter in Norman Doidge's book, "The brain that changes itself", to improve brain function for attention , memory, visual motor, logic, numeric concepts, auditory working skills etc.
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"Dear Trix 
Words can not describe the transformation with Luka's behaviour since starting Neurofeedback . After just two treatments there was a noticeable change. Life became calmer, happier & more harmonious. Everything else that we had ever tried has not been as effective as Neurofeedback  We thank you & are forever indebted, to you"
- Kath Fotak
April 2014 

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We are proud to announce that Better Brain is now an Amen Affiliated Education Center (AAEC)
The Amen Affiliated Education Center is a comprehensive, coordinated program that focuses on the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of our patients.  As an AAEC member, we are fully accredited and trained on the Amen Clinics methods and practices at helping patients have better brains and lead better lives.  Dr. Daniel Amen and Amen Clinics are world leaders in neuropsychiatry.
As part of the Amen Affiliated Education Center, we are able to use the resources of Amen Clinics to educate, assess, and motivate our patients struggling with brain-based difficulties. In working together, with the Amen Clinics, we can help patients struggling with brain-based difficulties such as anxiety, depression, memory problems, learning struggles, weight issues addiction add and cravings. By partnering with the Amen Clinics we are able to provide top level care for our patients who want to enjoy optimal brain functioning.
Click the link to view all of Dr. Amen’s products. Please use our discount code of ECENTER98 at checkout to obtain your discount.

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